Learn with Rabbi Dani

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Dani is a passionate student and teacher of Torah.  He approaches Jewish ideas and texts from many angles, and loves working with students in helping them discover and refine their own unique voices and interpretations of Torah.

There are numerous opportunities to study with Rabbi Dani throughout the academic year:

  • Breakfast and Talmud. Join Rabbi Dani in the second floor library each weekday after Shacharit (approx 8:00 am) for breakfast Talmud study.
  • Lunch with Rav Moshe. Join your friends every Tuesday afternoon for a hot catered lunch, lively learning, and engaging discussion on a different responsa by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. 12:00 noon in the Library.
  • Mishmar. Chill out after a long week with Torah, singing, and cholent in a laid back setting. (Thursday nights in the Library.)

Additionally, Dani is always excited to study in chevruta (one-on-one). Please contact him at dani@hillel.harvard.edu if you are interested in studying together or if you have suggestions for classes that you would like to see Harvard Hillel offer.