Learn with Rabbi Getzel

  • Getzel Davis - headshot

Rabbi Getzel Davis is dedicated to finding modern usefulness and meaning in ancient wisdom texts. He loves to study Torah and does so in regular classes, individual chevrutot (one-on-one learning), and with any campus groups that invite him. Sign up here to receive more information about upcoming classes. At Hillel this semester, Getzel is teaching the following open classes. All are invited to join any class at any time!

  • Jew Curious is an introduction to Jewish life and practice. Each week's class will cover a new topic, but the classes do not build on each other, so feel free to drop in to any all classes that sound interesting. Topics include Shabbat, kosher rules, Jewish theologies, holidays, and whatever else the group decides to focus on. Jews, non-Jews, or Jew-ish: all are welcome!
  • Shal-Om is an exploration of Jewish meditation and mysticism. Each week will include a mystical text studey and a guided meditation based on that text. The classes do not build on each other, so feel free to drop in to any class that sounds interesting. No Hebrew necessary.
  • Mensch Academy is Harvard Hillel's inaugural mussad va'ar—a community dedicated to cultivating positive personality traits and becoming better people. All are welcome!

Visit the online calendar for individual class topics, dates, and locations.