Online Speaker Series

Harvard Hillel has been fortunate to be able to share discussions with some of Harvard's and our world's top thinkers and doers with our community. This page includes full videos of the virtual discussions we've hosted so far. For information about upcoming events, please join our email list.

Highlights from some of our speakers.

Martha Minow’s “When Should Law Forgive”

Poetry in America with Dr. Elisa New

How Thermodynamics Explains the Origins of Living Things

Sukkot, Architecture, and Innovation

Basketball Legend Larry Brown

Israel, the UAE, and the Future of the Middle East

Coronavirus on Campus and Beyond: What Can We Expect?

A Conversation on Race, Policing, and Community

Mike Greenberg: Values and Success in Sports Journalism

A Conversation with Pres. Larry Bacow

The View From Israel Underneath the COVID-19 Headlines

Prof Noah Feldman: Reflections on Passover in the Time of Corona

Rabbi Shai Held and Prof. Michael Sandel: Ethics and Coronavirus

Evan Osnos on the Election

A Conversation on the Economy and Crisis Leadership

Hope, Justice, and Forgiveness

The Present and Future of Higher Education

An Update on Coronavirus with Dr. Michael Osterholm

Justice Stephen Breyer: Insights From the Supreme Court

A Conversation with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

Provost Alan Garber: Public Health, The Economy, and Higher Ed

Prof. Ruth Wisse and Ari Hoffman: Jews, Plague, and Power

Jill Lepore: An Historical Perspective on an Historical Moment

Prof. Steven Pinker on Coronavirus: A Psychological Perspective

Alicia Jo Rabins: 'Girls In Trouble' In a World In Trouble