Worship & Study Minyan

Rabbi Jim Morgan, Rabbinic Advisor

About the Minyan

The Worship and Study Minyan is a welcoming, participatory congregation with a deep commitment to Jewish pluralism, egalitarianism, and freedom of inquiry. Our members come to their Jewish practice from a wide variety of backgrounds—many are returning to Jewish identities they had left behind or never had the chance to engage; others explored many aspects of Jewish life before joining us; others still began their journeys in another faith tradition and have found a congenial spiritual home in Judaism and with us. Some of us come with partners or families; others are single or have struck out on a Jewish path with the support of a partner who otherwise remains disengaged.

Shabbat services include spirited, musical davening (praying) based on traditional liturgy; a lively, wide-ranging Torah discussion; and a convivial Kiddush. We rely on our members to lead us in prayer and to teach us Torah, and we are always seeking new voices to uncover new facets of our tradition. We also enjoy the guidance of our Rabbi and our Rabbis Emeriti.

In addition to our weekly Shabbat services, we come together for holidays and for social occasions at members’ homes. Likewise, we celebrate together at life-cycle events and comfort one another in times of sickness and mourning.

We extend our welcome to all students, faculty, and staff at Harvard as well as to people from the surrounding community. We hope you will come to learn and stay to teach!

Please feel free to be in contact with Rabbi Jim Morgan or with our Gabbaim (Organizers). You will also find additional information at our website.