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2016 Dec 09

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Rabbi Jonah Steinberg's Weekly Blog at the Huffington Post

The Example of our Students 

This week in the Torah, we read of two nations contending within Rebekah's womb (Genesis 25:22-23), of rival sibling-nations competing with one another.  We read of a neighboring potentate saying to our forefather, Isaac, "Move away, you have become too powerful!" (Genesis 26:16).  We hear of shepherds from our own camp and from another quarreling over water (Genesis 26:19-21).  But we also read of a peace treaty (Genesis 26:26-28), and a feast held together to celebrate a more hopeful possibility between peoples, so much better than strife (Genesis 26:30-31).

In our own times, my colleagues at Harvard Hillel and I are so glad and proud that our Harvard students point the way:

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Shabbat Shalom!