Affiliated Groups

Harvard Hillel's Affiliated Groups are subsections of the Harvard Hillel community designed to appeal to what interests you, from religion and sexuality to Krav Maga to Israel advocacy. Reach out to the contacts below to learn more about these Affiliated Groups

BAGELS is Harvard's group for Jewish gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. We have monthly meetings and special events in order to foster a BGLTQ Jewish community on campus, and to increase awareness of religion and sexuality and how they connect to each other.

President: A. Cohn '18

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Challah for Hunger
Challah for Hunger logo
Challah for Hunger's Harvard chapter is committed to baking a difference to help fight hunger! Every Thursday, volunteers knead, braid, and bake delicious homemade challah dough from scratch. Then, we sell the freshly baked challah to raise money to support Mazon: The Jewish Response for Hunger and our local, student-run Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. Challah for Hunger is the perfect opportunity to make a difference while mastering how to make the arguably most popular Jewish food!

President: Basia Rosenbaum '18

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Crimson Krav Maga
Crimson Krav Maga logo
The Harvard Krav Maga Club is Harvard's only club sport dedicated to making Harvard students safer. It offers instruction in Krav Maga, the world's most popular reality-based self defense tactics system. We do not compete, only train. We teach only the most effective self defense strategies and techniques, including de-escalation tactics and avoidance strategies. We also do everything in our power to guarantee to our students a safe training environment. Contact: Brian Krentz
Harvard Israel Initiative
Harvard Israel Initiative
Harvard Israel Initiative was founded on a belief in the Jewish nation's right to exist as a soverein power in its historic homeland. HII promotes a variety of programs relating to political, social, religious, and cultural aspects of Israel. Our regular activities include guest speakers at our meetings, movie nights, and Israeli dance nights. President: Boris Davidov '19
Jewish Baking Club
Jewish Baking Club
The Jewish Baking Club spreads joy and tradition through baked goods. Whether baking for holidays like Chanukah or Purim, or experimenting with new recipes to share with the community, the Baking Club is committed to bringing together a community through delicious food, all baked in a kosher kitchen.

Caroline Wechsler '19

Jewish Outing Club
Jewish Outing Club
The JOC exists to provide undergraduates the opportunity to engage with their own spirituality while bonding with the community by participating in Jewish and outdoors-oriented activities through weekend retreats outs ide of the Boston area, in places with lots of opportunities to interact with nature and to satisfy a love of adventure. 

Contacts: Cassandra Kopans-Johnson '20

Ilan Goldberg '20

Men's Club
Kiddush Club


Where else but Harvard Hillel would you find a completely egalitarian group of people gathering to have onegs over cholent? We host Friday night get-togethers with cholent (read: Jew stew) cooking contests, singing, and much shtick. Ask around the Hillel crowd, we host the Friday night parties with the most good, clean fun on campus.

Contact: Max Lent '20
Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA)
Progressive Jewish Alliance
The Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance is a space for progressive Jews, Jewish progressives, and their allies to express both their Judaism and their political and social values. We are committed to advocating for progressive causes regarding Israeli and domestic politics and to creating an inclusive and social justice-oriented Jewish community and campus. President: Grace Evans '19
RecKlez, the Harvard Klezmer Band, is a fun group of musicians that plays a mostly traditional mix of klezmer tunes (Eastern European Jewish folk/dance music) and Yiddish vocals. President: Justin Szasz '17
Sanctuary at Hillel
Sanctuary at Hillel
Sanctuary at Hillel is a group organizing the Jewish community at Harvard to support the safety and human rights of immigrants and refugees. To this end, Sanctuary at Hillel coordinates support volunteering for other congregations that choose to host immigrants and refugees at risk of deportation. Contact: Gabe Hodgkin '18
TAMID logo
The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a student organization that connects business-minded Harvard students to the Israeli economy. TAMID's goal is to develop the next generation of business leaders, and connect its members with philanthropists, CEOS, and investors in Israel through educational programming, hands-on investing and consulting experience, and meaningful professional opportunities. President: Melissa Kaplan '19
Women's Group: Jewish Women of Harvard
Jewish Women of Harvard
The Jewish Women's Group offers the Jewish women of Harvard space to explore what it means to be a Jew, a woman, and a Jewish woman in the 21st century. WG throws social events, such as ice cream outings and Tu B'Shvat study breaks, along with dinner conversations about pertinent topics, such as relationships and women's place in Judaism and at Harvard, and excursionst o hear speakers.

Hannah Hess '19