Affiliated Groups

Harvard Hillel's Affiliated Groups are subsections of the Harvard Hillel community designed to appeal to what interests you, from religion and sexuality to Krav Maga to Israel advocacy. Reach out to the contacts below to learn more about these Affiliated Groups

BAGELSBAGELS is Harvard's group for bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans, and queer Jews, their friends, and supporters. We sponsor events that foster a BGTLQ Jewish community on campus, and increase awareness about both religion and sexuality. There's no rush to define yourself, or to jump into any activity. We welcome people at all stages of their Jewish and/or Queer journey.

Contacts: AJ Cohn '20, Joshua Moriarty '21, Ariel Silverman '22, Rebecca Thrope '22

Challah for Hunger
Challah 4 HungerEvery week, students continue the centuries-old tradition of baking challah and practicing social justice (tikkun olam). The challah is sold on Thursday evenings at dinner and the proceeds go directly to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger and the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

Contacts: Diana Myers '21, Davey Schoenberg '21, Ariella Kahan '20, Noah Epstein '21


Coalition at Harvard for Israel and Palestine (CHIP)
CHIPThe Coalition at Harvard for Israel & Palestine (CHIP) is the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace students on campus who want to engage with Israel while advocating for a two-state solution. We are affiliated with J Street U, the nationwide movement of campus chapters advocating and educating at colleges and universities, in our communities, and on Capitol Hill for vigorous and sustained American leadership in facilitating a negotiated, two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you are looking for a critical and nuanced way to engage with Israel and Palestine within a Zionist context, please come join us this semester!

Contacts: Cara Kupferman '20, Jacob Fortinsky '21

Hillel Sustainability Initiative
Sustainability InitiativeThis is one of our newest Afiiliated Groups! Stay tuned for more info, and/or reach out to the group's contacts.

Contacts: Tzofiya Bookstein '23, Ezra Feder '23




Harvard Jewish Sports Initiative
HJSIThis is one of our newest Affiliated Groups! Stay tuned for more info, and/or reach out to the group's contact.

Contact: Ben Rabinowitz '21



Jewish Health Society
Jewish Health SocietyThe Jewish Health Society plans fun events centered around the intersection of health and Judaism. Whether you've thought about health and Judaism before or not at all, stop by! Everyone is welcome.

Contacts: Gabe Dardik '21, Sarah Araten '20, Arielle Rothman '21


Jewish Outing Club
Jewish Outing ClubThe Jewish Outing Club is a pluralistic space for people of all faiths and backgrounds to experience the outdoors, unplug and connect with others, and experience Jewish thought and traditions. We have both overnight and day trips that are free or low-cost, and we are a welcoming space for all who love the outdoors and new adventures.

Contacts: Laura Chapman '20, Paulette Schuster '20, Ilan Goldberg '20, Noah Epstein '21, Cassandra Kopans-Johnson '20



Jewish Women's Group
Jewish Womens GroupJWG is an informal discussion group for Jewish women at Harvard. We usually meet around Rosh Hodesh (the start of a new Jewish month) to have themed conversations over crafts and snacks. Past topics (and crafts) have included female friendship (candle making), eating disorders in ultra-Orthodox communities (decorating journals), Jewish feminist political representation (watercolor painting), and more! All undergraduates identifying as women are welcome.

Contact: Diana Myers '21


Kosher Grilling Club

This is one of our newest Afiiliated Groups! Stay tuned for more info, and/or reach out to the group's contacts.

Contacts: Ben Kaplan '21, Matt Jelen '21

Lox and Keys
Lox and KeysJoin Hillel's premier (only) singing group! No experience (or skill), no knowledge of Hebrew, and NO audition necessary! We will be singing, learning new music, performing atschool and volunteering to bring joy to those in nursing homes and hospitals. SNACKS and Hebrew jams to be provided for some socializing (might I add, this is not a big time commitment?!)

Contacts: Jamie Weisenberg '20, Rebecca Araten '22

Men's Club
Men's ClubMen's Club is a welcoming group for men of all genders*. We aim to provide a space to both enjoy and challenge the boundaries of stereotypical masculinity by enjoying traditionally "manly" events as well as a variety of other events. Past activities have included beef jerky making, beer making (for those 21+, of course), pizza making, and our famous Shabbat onegs. Some future plans may be events such as a Spa Night and our Traditional Jewish Deli Night.

*"Men of all genders" originally started years ago as a joke but nowadays comes to represent the diversity of people at the events where being a man isn't a pysical description but more of what people enjoy, so it's perfect for anyone that enjoys traditionally masculine activities, but may not necessarily identify as masculine or a man.

Contacts: Maxwell Lent '20, Bracha Rosenberg '21

TAMIDTAMID's program is designed to offer experiential business learning. New members participate in an interactive educational program that integrates business principles with Israel's economic landscape. Students may choose to join student-led consulting teams that advise Israeli companies on the solutions to important business problems. Members can also choose to join the Investment
Fund program, in which teams conduct equity research and advise a stock portfolio. Each summer, members have the opportunity to apply for an 8-week fellowship in Israel on our capstone internship experience.

Contacts: Nate Hollenberg '20, Jonah Moroh '20, Sofia Schreiber '20