Admitted and Prospective Students

Welcome to Harvard!

Welcome Class of 2024!
Register Here for our Open House on 8/23 at 5pm EDT

Experience the joy of Jewish life on campus during our virtual Open House on August 23rd at 1pm EDT! The Open House will be a fun and interactive introduction to our community's people and values, and a way to make connections with other first-years, current students, and staff. All first-year students are welcome to register regardless of religion or background, on campus or learning from home. Questions about this event? Contact Rabbi Jenn Queen, Director of Engagement, or Jaime Drucker, Assistant Director.

Tentative Schedule

5:00 p.m.: Welcome Home!
5:10 p.m.: Meet the Staff
5:20 p.m.: Mixers in the "Yard" - Who are you/we?
5:25 p.m.: Student Leaders
5:30 p.m.: Mixers
5:45 p.m.: House Time
6:00 p.m.: Dance Party/Break
6:10 p.m.: Mixers
6:30 p.m.: Elective #1
7:00 p.m.: Quick break
7:05 p.m.: Elective #2
7:35 p.m.: House Time
7:50 p.m.: Closing Circle

We can't wait to welcome you into our community!



Meet the Program Staff!

Rabbi Jonah Steinberg
Executive Director & Harvard Chaplain

Rabbi Dani Passow
Associate Rabbi & Jewish Educator

Rabbi Jenn Queen
Director of Engagement

Avital Habshush
Clergy Intern & OSM Advisor

Jaime Drucker
Assistant Director

Mikhael Reuven
IACT Director of Israel Programs

Prospective Students and General Inquiries 

If you are a high school student considering Harvard and want to learn more about Hillel and Jewish life at Harvard, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. Answers to common questions for observant students can be found here (though we encourage you to fill out the form and introduce yourself as well!)

For any other questions about Harvard Hillel, or anything Harvard-related, please contact Rabbi Jenn Queen, Director of Engagement.