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On Campus and Beyond

Harvard Hillel is committed to fostering dialogue about Israel across the Harvard community. Hillel offers diverse programs, ranging from travel opportunities to education and advocacy on campus. Through these programs, Hillel aims to create a space for each student, regardless of political, social, cultural, or religious affiliation, to explore his or her connection to Israel.

A Group of Harvard Students in Israel

Travel to Israel

Hillel sponsors travel to Israel on bi-annual trips with Birthright Israel (winter break/summer) and during spring break with the Harvard College Israel Trek. Both trips provide students the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field and engage with conversations at the heart of contemporary Israeli society.

The Harvard Hillel Birthright Israel trip is a 10-day tour through all of Israel. Students will have the opportunity to engage with change-makers in Israeli society, hike through Israel's vast natural landscape, and build relationships with both their Harvard community and the Israeli culture. We meet with participants prior to the trip to find out what they're interested in so that we can better tailor our discussions to their interests!  Participants also have the option to extend their stay and continue exploring Israel's rich culture, history, and geo-politics after the trip has finished.

Harvard also offers the Harvard College Israel Trek, a peer-led trip that gives our Israeli students an opportunity to share their country with members of their Harvard community. Israel Trek takes place each year during spring break.

Professor Noah Feldman discusses Israel's legislative systemEducation

Classes, seminars, speakers and other educational forums at Hillel provide many different opportunities for students to learn about the history of Israel, Zionism and the Israeli-Arab conflict.  For info about Israel-related education programs, please contact Lauren Cohen Fisher.

Two Harvard students present their experience on Hillel's Israel trek.


The Jewish community is home to an incredible diversity of viewpoints on Israel, and the Harvard community takes this diversity even further. Hillel helps to create opportunities for safe dialogue about the situation in the Middle East within the Jewish community and within the larger Harvard community. For info about intercultural dialogue, please contact Lauren Cohen Fisher.

An Israeli Independence Day Celebration in Harvard's MAC Quadrangle


Hillel and Harvard Israel Initiative have organized rallies and other gatherings to demonstrate support for Israel in its time of difficulty and have joined together with the larger Jewish community. Hillel will be working to support interested students in effectively advocating for Israel on campus and in general. 

Tree trunk with Israel Independence Day banner and an Israeli and American FlagCelebration

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to celebrate Israeli culture and history through Hillel, with events like the Israel Fest and Yom Ha'atzmaut festivities. See our online calendar for dates of upcoming events.