Israel on Campus

Harvard Hillel has become the center for Israel education, advocacy, and dialogue on Harvard's campus. It has done so through innovative programming, partnerships, and leadership initiatives.

Israel Advocacy Affiliated Groups

As an umbrella for Jewish life on Harvard's campus, Harvard Hillel is home to three affiliated student groups devoted to strengthening the bond between our local community and the Jewish State:

Harvard Israel Initiative (HII)

HSIHarvard Israel Initiative is founded on a belief in the Jewish nation's right to exist as a sovereign power in its historic homeland. HSI promotes a wide variety of programs relating to political, social, religious, and cultural aspects of Israel. Our regular activities include guest speakers at our meetings, movie nights, and Israeli Dance Nights.

Contact: Ilan Goldberg '20 


TAMIDTAMID's program is designed to offer experiential business learning. New members participate in an interactive educational program that integrates business principles with Israel's economic landscape. Students may choose to join student-led consulting teams that advise Israeli companies on the solutions to imiportant business problems. Members can also choose to join the Investment Fund program, in which teams conduct equity research and advise a stock portfolio. Each summer, members have the opportunity to apply for an 8-week fellowship in Israel on our capstone internship experience.

Contacts: Nate Hollenberg '20, Jonah Moroh '20, Sofia Schreiber '20

Coalition at Harvard for Israel & Palestine

CHIPThe Coalition at Harvard for Israel & Palestine (CHIP) is the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace students on campus who want to engage with Israel while advocating for a two state solution. We are affiliated with J Street U, the nationwide movement of campus chapters advocating and educating at colleges and universities, in our communities, and on Capitol Hill for vigorous and sustained American leadership in facilitating a negotiated, two state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you are looking for a critical and nuanced way to engage with Israel and Palestine within a Zionist context, please come join us!

Contacts: Jacob Fortinsky '21 and Cara Kupferman '20

Harvard Students for Israel Meet with the Wexner Fellow

Institutional Partnerships

In addition to our Affiliated Groups, Harvard Hillel has formed institutional relationships with a number of organizations and departments on Harvard's campus. These include the Wexner Israel Fellows (right), the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Harvard Kennedy School, and many more. Our partnerships within the university and beyond foster opportunities to create events that have broader perspectives and greater impact.

Guest Speakers

Harvard Hillel works especially hard to bring interesting and challenging speakers to campus.  The video below, from our 2019 Riesman Forum, "Changes in Israel and the Rising American Jewish Generation," features Daniel Gordis and Peter Beinart at Harvard Hillel.